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How to fix your Slow Computer with Easy Steps

The problem of slow computer afflicts millions of people every month. When a user is trying to get a work done or even trying to enjoy a little gaming, slow computer becomes the source of terrific turmoil.

Unfortunately, there are numerous reasons for a slow computer. Here are some easy tips for a user to try and figure out the reason behind the problem. Through these simple steps, a user can fix the problem of slow computer without the assistance of technical masters.

Keep Computer updated

A user should look for periodical updates, including updates for major bug fixes. Activate Windows updates that can be very helpful. For better hardware compatibility, keep checking for new service packs. Update all the applications like anti-virus software, device drivers,  etc. Hardware manufactures regularly update their device drivers for smooth and better functioning. This will surely help the user to increase the speed of a slow computer.

Use Lightweight programs

It is advisable to replace the resource consuming programs with better replacements, especially those which have an old PIII machine and a RAM less then 512. Particularly, the use light weight antivirus programs will help to improve the performance of a computer.

Remove Startup items

To resolve the problem of slow computer, a user should remove unwanted startup programs which will speed up the Windows boot process. At startup, some programs take time to load, like Limewire or MSN Messenger. The user can remove these and run them only when needed. You can easely remove Startup items by using SLOW-PCfighter.

Background programs

TSRs or programs (which automatically start every time the computer boots) should be removed or disabled. These background programs also result in a slow computer. A user can open Task Manager to check the programs running in the background, their CPU usage and the memory they are using.  With the help of Windows 7, user can run Resmon to find out the programs consuming a lot of space.

Computer or processor is overheating

Excessive heat degrades a computer’s performance so make nsure that the computer and processor are not overheating. Some processors even decrease the speed of the computer automatically to compensate for the heat related issues and consequently cause a slow computer.

Clear Web Browser’s Cache

When a user visits different websites having numerous web pages and various images, these get stored onto computer. While surfing the Internet, web pages from different web sites get cached by the web browser so that the revisited website loads up faster. However, these cached web pages do not get removed automatically if the user is no longer visiting the website. These pages consume a lot of memory resulting into a slow computer. Every browser allows user to remove the files stored in the cache folder – a good practice to enhance the speed of a computer.

Use SLOW-PCfighter

Our advanced registry cleaner uses the most cutting-edge technologies to scan your computer for errors and repair them with a single click. SLOW-PCfighter is one of the best registry cleaners you can find on the market to speed up your slow computer.

Follow the tips and apply these techniques frequently, so that a computer performs at its peak. Finally, if a user still faces the problem of slow computer, either reinstall Windows or erase everything and then start over.

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