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Multiple Virus Software Cause a Slow PC

Virus software is essential for a PC but sometimes loading numerous of them causes the problem of slow PC.

Users have reported that the use of virus software causes slow performance in Windows. Perhaps it’s ironic that the software which intends to protect a system can actually source slow PC, adversely affecting its performance.

Users complained that while installing an anti-virus program they face the problem of slow PC and the internet becomes really slow. Removal of the software returns the system to its normal speed.

Multiple Antivirus

Some tolerate this problem by considering it to be the price paid for security while others get totally annoyed. Unfortunately, there are people who do not use anti virus software unless the concerned company resolves the issues causing slow PC.

It is possible that the installation of anti virus software may cause the problem of Slow PC as a PC gets burdened with more work. A typical anti virus program has to scan and monitor each file that the operating system creates, opens, closes or emails and hence causes slow PC. Traditionally it is done by comparing these files against a dictionary or database to check if any file has a code that matches a virus signature. This process consumes PC’s memory, CPU processing time, and also time to access the hard drive and other storage media.

Anti-virus programs are considered a godsend till they work properly but become a slow torture when they don’t. Most PCs contain a trial-version of numerous anti virus programs and some PCs even come loaded with lots of different anti virus applications. On the top of that specialized anti-malware applications harden a user’s PC.

Anti-virus software does cause the problem of slow PC, as it has to constantly check that system hasn’t received a virus. So don’t carry on using different anti-virus software, as this will develop problems. Installation of more than one antivirus in your system can cause the problem of slow PC desperately. In such a case, remove all anti-virus software from a PC except the best one i.e. the one which can provide maximum security without causing the problem of slow PC.

A user gets tempted to remove all anti virus software from his machine if it is causing the problem of slow PC. But in midst of the increasing and real threats of viruses, leaving a PC without proper virus protection can be hazardous for your system.

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