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Need to Retain a Fast PC: Delete Computer Viruses

Fast Computer

Deleting viruses and other type of malware from the computer can help maintain the speed of the fast PC

Computer viruses also known as malware are of different varieties. These viruses can range from the harmless to the extremely dangerous ones. Some viruses may even damage a fast PC operations and make it sluggish. To maintain the speed of the computer and keep it in the category of fast PC, users need to keep their systems clean. This simply means that the users should remove all sorts of viruses and malwares from their systems.

Computer viruses or malware can be easily removed with the help of an updated version of an anti-virus program. If the users don’t have one installed on their systems, they can easily purchase it from a store that sells software, which helps retaining the speed of fast PC. Moreover, an anti-virus program can be purchased from the Internet. While purchasing the anti-virus software from the internet, users must keep in mind that free versions often lack some advanced features compared to commercial products.

Thus, antivirus software is practically a requirement for each and everyone using computers. Although it is true that users can evade computer viruses if they practice safe habits while enjoying the services of their fast PC, it is also a fact that cybercriminals keep formulating innovative methods to infect users’ fast PC. Cybercriminals tempt users by offering schemes and offers to make quick cash.

Few tips are discussed below to help users remove malware from their systems by using anti-virus software and make it a fast PC:

Tip 1: First shut down the computer and then restart it.

Tip 2: Press the “F8” key repetitively during boot-up process, before the Windows load screen launches. By doing this, a menu with options will appear on the screen.

Tip 3: Afterwards, users should select the “safe mode” option. Running the system in this mode will start the system without Internet and other options that users have normally loaded, such as settings and preferences. This mode is used for diagnostic purposes. Users will see the words “safe mode” in the four corners of the computer screen and a message will appear indicating that the system is in safe mode. Afterwards, click on “OK” to continue.

Tip 4: Users must load their antivirus program and run a complete system scan.

Tip 5: The scan will detect some viruses. These viruses should be deleted immediately. Users should restart the computer in regular mode and check the computer for faster performance.

Apart from the abovementioned tips, a few other recommendations that can be followed by the users to maintain a fast PC are: Users should run frequently (biweekly or monthly) scans with antivirus software to ensure that the system contains no virus that could slow down the performance of users’ fast PC. The anti-virus software will also protect users’ PC from the risk of being infected with new viruses.

Further, if the system operations still do not turn fast (i.e., the fast PC is still running slow after performing preventive maintenance), then back up all pertinent files and reinstall everything. The computer virus might have caused irreparable damage. If the computer does not start after running preventative maintenance, then the users must get it checked by some professional to remove the harmful files if possible. The virus deleted might have corrupted the system boot files. To fix the problem, the system should be restored to its original settings.

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