Previous version feature of windows 7 is definitely a lifesaver as it can quickly recover and restore damaged and deleted files.

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Defragmenting your hard disk can turn a slower PC back into a fast PC, and, using FULL-DISKfighter, you won’t need a PC expert to help you.

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Certain easy steps such as shortening shutdown time and increasing virtual memory in windows 7 can make a slow windows 7 turn into blazing fast windows 7.

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The season of cheer is almost upon, regardless of our individual beliefs, it is still shopping season, and we would like to help you make some safe choices while doing your seasonal shopping, and this advice is good for the …

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With Blizzard’s latest expansion in the World of Warcraft series, gamers are yet again introduced to an increase in the minimum system requirements for what many consider to be minor to non-existent upgrade in its graphics engine.  To those of …

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