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Remove Unnecessary Fonts to Maintain a healthy PC

Unnecessary Fonts

While there are many essential fonts used to display specific applications, there are a number of unnecessary fonts. Removing such fonts from the system can help retain the performance of healthy PC.

One needs to maintain a healthy PC because with the passage of time, a computer can slow down hampering the productivity of a user. The number of fonts present in the system can hit the performance of healthy PC.

This is a minute point which escapes the eyes of many users. The installation of numerous fonts can hamper the performance of fast PC in the long run. In order to maintain the fast PC, the user just needs to act smartly and give a little time to the computer.

Most of the tech-savvy guys must be aware of what computer fonts are, but most of the laymen stuck by the question that what these fonts really are? In brief, computer fonts are different styles of typefaces used by a computer to display text.

While loading, Windows installs all available fonts. This consumes both space and time. By uninstalling or deleting the unnecessary fonts, one can streamline things a bit more which will make the system fast, enhancing its productivity.

To view the number of fonts installed on the user’s PC, just select Start, Run, type “fonts” and press Enter. Double click an icon to see what its font looks like.

Following are some tips to uninstall few fonts for maintaining the speed of your PC –

Step 1: Set up a directory in the C drive which will store the fonts to be deleted. Access the fonts folder and select a font to copy it to another location and then uninstall it. Highlight its name by clicking on it and then go to “edit” menu at the top of the screen. Just scroll down and select “copy.”

Step 2: Go to “Start” and open “My Computer”. Search the directory set up to store unnecessary fonts. After reaching there, right click on the mouse and select paste from the menu that will appear. One can also press “Ctrl” and “V” together to paste the font or just go to “edit” and select “paste” from the menu.

Step 3: Now, the user has moved the unnecessary fonts to the correct location. So just go back to the fonts folder and delete the font just moved.

Step 4: Don’t get swayed and delete all the fonts. There are various fonts essential for the operating system and particular software programs. So do not remove the standard fonts required by Windows, such as Times New Roman, Wingdings, Arial, Courier, etc. Moreover, some programs require specific fonts for proper display so check such applications for the specifications.

Step 5: Sometimes, a user accidentally deletes an essential font. In such a case, a user can restore the necessary font by simply reinstalling Windows. Running Windows set up over a current installation will not harm the computer or installed software. It will help to restore any missing file including fonts.

Conclusively, by following these few tips, one can fix a slow PC.

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