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Remove Unwanted Programs and Get a Faster Computer

Unnecessary programs are a general cause of a slow computer. By removing these, a user can get a faster computer.

Are you experiencing a computer which is near its death? The reason behind it may be your hard disk which could have been victimized by unwanted software and programs.

Often, users keep number of software on their computers that have an average memory. Generally, these are unnecessary which have been installed and forgotten over a period of time causing a slow computer. Hence, it is good to regularly free your computer from unwanted programs to avoid slow computer.

deleteWhile starting a computer, many programs are loaded by Windows. It includes some, which are running beyond the knowledge of a user. These are often necessary programs that run for the proper functioning of Windows and security software such as anti-virus and firewall. However, these programs are unnecessary which run in the background using up memory that finally cause slow computer.

Hold the CTRL and ALT keys and then press the DELETE key once. This will enable the Windows’ Task manger window to pop up which allows you to glance all the programs that are running on your computer at that point of time. The Applications tab will provide a list of programs such as Internet Explorer, Word and any folder opened by you. There you will find a plenty of unwanted programs, applications and toolbars causing your computer running slow and that you would like to clear off from your computer. Just select a particular program that you think is useless and click the End Task button to stop it from running further.

Here are few other ways to clear unwanted programs:

– Firstly, one needs to click Start/Programs and search for the program one wants to remove. Many times, the program group will be containing an uninstalled program.

– Another way is to click the Start button/Settings/Control Panel. Then open the “Add/Remove programs” icon. The user will come across a list of programs that could be removed from the system by Windows. The user needs to select the one he would like to remove and hit the OK button. The list can be sorted by its name, frequency of use, size or last date used. Highlight the unwanted program that you think is causing a slow computer to obtain the details about its install date and use.

In case neither of the above works, one can always move to the program’s folder and remove the programs sourcing slow computer. However, it’s not sure that the program would be confined to that folder. It could have distributed other files throughout a computer.

Finally, you can make use of a program like our SLOW-PCfighter. It performs a great job by removing mulish programs and needless files which really helps to get rid of a slow computer.

However, user should remember that few files that get placed on the hard drive while installing a program are basically updates to some of the existing files. While uninstalling something, the user gets a message that all the files from a program could not be removed. This may be due to the fact that these files are used by other programs.

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