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Stay safe online (and offline) this holiday season

The season of cheer is almost upon, regardless of our individual beliefs, it is still shopping season, and we would like to help you make some safe choices while doing your seasonal shopping, and this advice is good for the rest of the year too!

Firstly, remember that most malware (such as viruses, for instance) are primarily aimed at getting other malware on your system, to aid in identity theft. If we’ve learned nothing else this year, this is the big growth area in malware, and the malware writers are very serious about their business. With more malware released this year than all previous years combined, you need to take precautions, and to take your online security seriously.

While using a great antivirus solutions, and top-of-the-range anti-spyware is part of the mix, there are various things you can do to help, and best of all, the most important one is free. Here’s our top ten list of ways to stay safe online all year round:

Common sense – By simply being very careful what you allow onto your computer, can vastly reduces your risk of getting something nasty.

Don’t download ANYTHING at all unless you want it, and you know where it is coming from.

Don’t trust any email attachments from people you don’t know. None at all.

Watch what links you click on, especially if you use shortened link services on social medial sites such as twitter and Facebook.

In the offline world, be careful what you tell people in the online world, so they don’t know you are on holiday or out of the country. Post nice comments and links to pictures when you get back!

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