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The difference between SPAMfighter and Lady Gaga

We just had to share this little tool with you. The nice guys from created a tool called “Twitter Showdown” which compares two Twitter profiles in a very nice looking Infographics. See below if you do not care about reading but want to skip to the interesting graphical part and do your own comparison using the tool.
We decided to test the SPAMfighter Twitter profile against the Lady Gaga Twitter profile. Why her?  Lady Gaga is one of the most used celebrities in spam and probably the Twitter user with most followers out there.

So what to tell here?

  • For each follower of the SPAMfighter Twitter profile there are some 3.000 Lady Gaga Followers.
  • Lady Gaga seems to be a more happy person than SPAMfighter. She tweets more happy stuff 🙂 than we do 🙁
  • We love to  tweet about boring stuff like malware, spam, scams etc. while she tweets about love, album, monsters etc.

An example probably best illustrates the differences. Here are two tweets from the same date: 



If you are eager to try the tool and comparing YOUR social profile against one of the celebrities then give it a go here.

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