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Too Many Tabs Open in Web Browser Can Source Slow PC

Users can speed up their PC by closing multiple tabs in the internet browser with the help of simple techniques like, installing session manager, using bookmark bar etc.

Many users facing the problem of slow PC have noticed that their system turns slow specifically, when too many tabs are opened in the internet browser.

In such a situation, many users will restart their PC but restarting the PC will not help in this situation. If a users restart their slow PC it will be fine and won’t run slow, but as soon as they open multiple tabs, they will again face the problem of a slow PC.

Multiple tabs source PC as Tabs consumes and control memory; they capture memory in internet browser as well. It takes away cache memory from usual operations to save all the content of that webpage into memory and cause sluggish PC. Apart from sourcing, it sometimes hangs system for no good reason and consumes a huge memory space and CPU usage can reach up to 90% or more.

If not considering the memory problem, using Internet Explorer with multiple tabs just makes it quite difficult to locate something on the system.

In such a situation, to evade Slow PC, users should first uninstall majority of the extensions and toolbars, delete all the internet temporary files and cookies, remove the file download queue and disable the background check for software updates. By following these techniques, users can reduce the CPU usage and may correct the PC problem.

But in case if these techniques don’t work then user can further follow the following steps:

Use the Bookmarks Bar

Bookmarks toolbar is the best location to provisionally store data, information or links. For instance, while searching for jobs, restaurants or destinations for vacations, users can just make a folder for storing all links there, while taking a break from the research job. When users again want to search, then they just need to right-click onto that folder and select > Open All in Tabs.

In case if the users are using multiple bookmarks, then they need to use one letter short forms to name the bookmarks, so that the names of the folder don’t consume a lot of space. Besides, users can use an extension that can contract individual links to just the favicon of the particular website.

Installing Session Manager

Instead of saving project links in folders, users can handle them with the help of Session Manager Extension. This not only save the browsing session automatically but users can also save and open sessions individually, even when they crash, from > Tools > Session Manager > Load Session. As users can deselect links from a stored session prior to opening it, users have total control over the links that will open. This way, users can even restore links from massive sessions that crashed their internet browser and avoid a PC problem.

Lock and Keep Some Tabs Always Open

In case if there are tabs that are always required to be open, users should think of an extension, which will lock and protect their tabs. Besides, it supports multirow tab bar, tab progress bar, and highlighting of unread tabs; these all are very helpful features for keeping control over multiple tabs.

Save Tab Bar Space

To save tab bar space, users can utilize the FaviconizeTab extension to substitute the context menu with the website’s favicon. This will help users get rid of slow PC.

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  1. Brad Fallon says:

    which is a better browser , opera or mozilla
    i use the net for general sufring, i’m not interested in plugins etc ,it should display pages properly and secondly tabbed browsing, open many pages without making pc slow, i use opera now, but some pages and links dont open correctly, then i have to use IE, i dont like IE because of spyware, everytime adware se shows infetions and i remove them

  2. Hindsight says:

    Your best bet is trying out each browser. I have used most of them and I find Firefox and Google Chrome browsers to be the fastest. The great thing about these web browsers is that if they ever fail, they have an automatic restore so you start right where you tabs failed.

  3. Adrien says:

    I guess it would be interesting to write a new version of this article because now firefox and chrome are both using very efficient ways of managing memory with multiple tabs !

  4. Charlie says:

    I did notice a huge performance factor when switching to Google Chrome from FireFox. I think most of this had to do with the fact that I use many tabs at once and Chrome has a better memory distributor for these tabs.

  5. It is said that an internet year is equal to 3 months of a calender year. This is so because the technology changes at that speed.

    Considering this Firefox or rather all leading browsers have addressed several issues and have come up with several updates in their tools in last two years.

    Therefore probably this blog also needs a makeover.

  6. Sara Hall says:

    Google Chrome, Firefox etc. are having option to show system memory distribution for each opened tabs, extensions, apps etc. You can find the utilization details over there, but that will not give you details about the physical and virtual memory distribution of each tab or app. Google Chrome is having a feature to show system memory utilization by all running browsers and their tabs, apps, extensions etc. on single window.You can get this kind of details about memory usage by running browsers by typing “about:memory” in the address bar of Google Chrome. It will show you the distribution of physical and virtual memory utilized by different browsers.
    At present chrome is the fastest browser among the all browsers. It can handle distribution of memory very efficiently so i’ll prefer chrome as i am very satisfied with it.

  7. tools Maya says:

    Yes, even I find Mozilla firefox and Chrome fast and more reliable. Even if it crashes, they have an auto restore. I even have Opera and IE on my system. I don’t find them as fast as firefox and chrome.

  8. Addison Jones says:

    I have observed this in Google chrome and internet explorer but never in Firefox. Why is this so? Logically the slowness should be with all the servers but practically not so. I am not expert on this domain but am trying to get an answer for my curiosity.

  9. joseph says:

    Thanks for this post, i will try that.

  10. says:

    It’s says too many tabs iv trod everything help

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