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Why Does a Computer Lock Up?

Computer Lock Up

Most of the computer users must have faced the problem of computer locking or a socalled computer lock up. This problem is described as computer locks up because the computer stops functioning completely and the mouse can’t be used to control the system.

The reason for the computer lock up is some confusion inside the system that harms its speed and efficiency to perform tasks. Some of the major factors that harm the fast computer are Windows 95/98 Instability, Computer Viruses and Windows Registry.

Detailed information about these factors harming the computer is discussed below:

Windows registry: Windows registry is the most significant factor that turns a fast computer into slow with the passage of time. Windows registry is the most significant part of a fast computer and it is essential to see that it does not enclose any sort of errors. Any error in the computer registry can slow down the normal functioning of the PC, thus making it sluggish in the long run. Hence, it is essential to monitor that the registry errors are removed with the help of windows registry cleaner software. This software is easily available on the internet.

Windows 95/98 Instability: Microsoft Windows 95/98 is not a very stable operating system. Unlike the previous Windows NT or the latest Windows 2000 designed to provide extremely secure and stable use on corporate networks, Windows 95 was designed for unsafe stand-alone home use along with maximum compatibility with older hardware and software. Hence, Windows 95 locks up or crash for no clear reason, making the PC not only slow but the user to be left idle with no work except to crib.

Computer Viruses: Hundreds of new computer viruses are created by cybercriminals annually. These new types of viruses can cause all kinds of damage to a computer. For instance: these viruses can e-mail the user’s username and password to someone else in another nation. They can even damage the operating system (Windows 95/98), software applications (Outlook, Word, Excel), and data files saved on the system and hence a fast computer is slowed down. The best way to safeguard a computer from viruses is to install effective antivirus software and update that software frequently, usually by connecting to the Internet and going for the antivirus software’s automatic update process.

Apart from the above discussed factors, computer lock-up in a computer can also arise from Resource Leaks, Software conflicts, Bad RAM, Loose or Reversed Mouse and Keyboard Connections, Running out Of RAM Memory, and Incorrect Or Corrupt Mouse Driver.

Finally, users who feel that their computers are locking up can now simply solve the problem and make their slow computer fast again.

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